Accessories: Distribution of food

The sharing of food have 3 systems: Superior Hopper, Hopper or Flat Side Chain, the facility is recommended for the Superior Hopper, as it facilitates the regulation of feed.

  • Jaulas de alto rendimiento para pollitos
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  • reparto de alimento para gallinas
  • reparto de alimento automatizado

Constructive section

Technical Description


It is the most recommended for installations.

They are self-propelled carts saving where I think it is stored in the top of the battery, by means of augers, distributes it to downspouts that incorporate a metering skid, adjustable for distribution in the channel (this system makes the birds they can select the food).
The metering skid, ensures a uniform distribution, feed mixing new with the existing, and its route slips trough walls, preventing fouling.
The cars incorporate a fan on its way to expel air pressure eliminating dust catcher band and ensuring a clean egg.


The feed is stored in hoppers side falling to skate gravity dispenser.

I think cast flat chain pulled by an engine plant.