Cages for laying hens: LAYING HENS CAGES (UE regulation)

Different models of cages for egg production according to European Regulation.

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Constructive section

Technical Description


Model BP-1200/12EU (department 12 hens)
Model BP-1500/15EU (department for 15 chickens)


Galvanized separations thus providing improved ventilation and visibility rods, facilitating cleaning thereof.
Mesh floor with double hot dip galvanized.
Sliding, full or partial door for comfortable handling birds. All wires are horizontal to allow a greater number of birds to eat. Close incorporated.
High Capacity Feeder and an inner fold eliminates feed wastage. It is self-cleaning to step skate truck food.
Legs, seamless (one piece regardless of the floor), the structure gives greater consistency, is height adjustable for precise leveling and a plate at the base for better support on the ground.

Cage fitted as European regulations on Animal Welfare:

• 756 cms2 interior surface per bird.
• Nidal soil with plastic mesh. (Optional: Laminated floor, directly).
• Flat bed, allow pecking and scratching.
• Perches with galvanized oval tube.
• nail clipping device.