Cages for laying hens: Cage for breeding – rearing

Vertical Batteries for the upbringing and development of chickens. The CR-1500 with a larger department. The interior galvanized steel provides longer life.

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  • Imagen de las jaulas para pollitos vacías
  • Jaulas de alto rendimiento para pollitos

Constructive section

Technical Description

The interior is entirely made of galvanized providing a longer duration, ventilation, visualization and management also facilitates cleaning of the same steel.

The floor is made of galvanized steel after welding 19×19. It is designed for comfort pullets can step from day one.

The cabin is designed to suit the growth of the chick, both the trough and the trough are adjustable in height on all floors from the head.

The trough, large capacity and an inner fold, eliminates feed wastage and is self-cleaning to step Skate hopper. You get to see the birds feed easily from day one.

The system of sliding, full or partial door for comfortable handling birds. All wires are horizontal to allow a greater number of birds to eat.

The legs, seamless (one piece regardless of the floor), the structure gives greater consistency, is height adjustable for precise leveling and a plate at the base for better support on the ground.

In INSAVI widths have two cages to better adapt to their facilities, CR-1200 and CR-1500