Who we are?

INSAVI is a 2nd generation company created in 1970, cages manufactured entirely in the European Union. Due to an enthusiastic evolution and a large experience accumulated, along with the most advanced technological materials, our cages become established as a maximum performance product.

We offer, above all else, quality based in good service, a good guideline and the best personalized advice. INSAVI designs and manufactures all its products.

We manufacture different products: alternative cage-free” housing systems for egg production, aviary for rearing and laying hens, nests, organic egg production; enriched battery cage production systems, totally automatized for laying hens, rearing, quails and broilers; complementary systems as the manure dryer, and others.

Discover how easy is to do that everything works with INSAVI!




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Insavi compromises himself to the fulfillment of the obligation of secret of the information of personal character and of his duty to guard them, and he will adopt all the measures that are precise to prevent them from turning out to be upset, that they get lost or that they are an object of treatment or not authorized access, always bearing in mind the condition of the available technology. In the same way the Organic Law will be able to consult 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Information of Personal Character in the web of the Protection Agency of Information www.agpd.es. For any consultation or extension of information do not hesitate to put in touch with us.

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